Welcoming slide from Bruins for Traffic Relief's presentation on February 9, 2010

About twenty students came out for Bruins for Traffic Relief's Re-Launch Party on Tuesday night. They learned about BTR's goals, which including promoting the use of sustainable transportation, fostering the integration of the University with Westwood Village, collaborating with other student orgs like the UCLA Bicycle Coalition, and advocating for major transit projects on the Westside.

Check out this gallery, which features the slides from the presentation given by Matt Kroneberger '12 and Irving Pham '10, after the jump.

Students also heard from a senior-level Metro manager, who gave a short talk about why (and how) students could get involved in transportation. I'm biased, of course, because I sometimes find the public involvement process for transportation kind of entertaining. (Exhibit A: John Walsh.)  But I also really admired how this person made the nexus between transportation, sustainability, and why students needed to be involved so clear.

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