To better serve the UCLA community, the Wilshire Shuttle is now stopping at the new hospital starting on Monday. Click here for the details on the UCLA Transportation website.

The route still begins and ends at Wilshire Center, on Gayley just south of Wilshire, but instead of stopping at the old hospital, the bus drives straight up to Lot 2 and then makes it way to Gonda, the research facility, and 100 Medical Plaza, which is right next door to the new hospital before returning to Wilshire Center.

I don't usually ride the Wilshire Shuttle, as I live in Weyburn, take classes on North Campus, and can be seen huffing and puffing on my mountain bike on the hills here in Westwood. But I'm telling you, I am excited about this easy way to get down to Wilshire, and catch buses, visit the post office (our satellite office has very short lines!) and maybe stop at Juju for a bowl of cereal.

-Sirinya the Intern