Skyline of Los Angeles with freeway traffic,CAAfter much-awaited anticipation, the Xerox-powered Go LA app is now up, running and definitely ready for use. With its easy-to-use travel planning tools and its various options for modes of transportation, the Go LA app is a unique travel kit you’re going to want to keep in your back pocket. The release of this brand new app has been quite buzzworthy, so I decided to take a solo trip around the city to see for myself if this app is really worth the download.

Here is a quick play-by-play of my experience with Go LA, along with a brief description of the tools you will utilize when accessing this app:IMG_5163

From Where

This section allows the user to enter their current location with help from the Hawkeye option at the bottom right corner of the screen, which allows your phone’s GPS to detect your current location.

To Where

Pretty self-explanatory. Yay for ease of access and efficiency!

Leave When

Now here’s one of the many crowned jewels of this app: This feature allows users to input a custom departure time. The app will then provide you with a large list of transportation options geared to accommodate your desired departure time.

And get this: there is nothing like this on the Google Maps app. Yes, you heard it here first, folks.

Not only does this make your trip a lot less worrisome, but you can optimize future plans instead of having to find routes last minute!

Go LA App: 1

Google Maps: 0

Sooner, Cheaper and Greener

Here’s another thing Google Maps doesn’t have: A tool for environmentally-conscious, multi-modal people who love options.

Once the pick-up, drop-off and desired time of departure are entered, the app creates a detailed list of different means of transportation. Users can find the quickest and most affordable Lyft, transit route, and active transportation modes like walking and biking—all at the touch of a button. No other app is as fully integrated as Go LA.

There are some caveats, however. Don’t get me wrong, the Sooner, Cheaper and Greener tools are great assets. But the app should provide the option to search such categories though one desired means of transportation.  The reason for this? Efficiency. We live in a fast-paced world where everyone is always in a hurry, rushing to get somewhere.

Being able to search for a specific, desired type of transportation but would accommodate those who don't really have the time to browse among a plethora of options.

What’s Missing?

It’s inevitable that the Go LA app would be compared to Google Maps. I, myself, am guilty as charged. Here are some things this app should consider implementing:

  • Food and fun. This app can definitely incorporate an option that allows for users to browse food, shopping, fun, health, services, etc., similar to what's made available on Google Maps.
  • Along with incorporating Uber, I think the app should also provide information about different local taxi companies. For instance, one search can generate a list of different taxi comparing expected arrival time and fare, or it can redirect its users to an app or site that may assist in finding such amenities.

Final Verdict

This app is really efficient, easy to use and super convenient for people who are constantly on the move. Not only do I see myself using this app again, but I would surely recommend this app to friends and family.Mobility Marketplace App Differentiators