Be a Green Commuter Blog Logo_ FinalWe won the International Parking Institute’s 2015 Parking Matters Marketing and Communications Award!

What is it for, you ask? It recognizes outstanding parking-related marketing, public relations or communications programs and campaignF86A0385.

Specifically, UCLA Transportation was honored with the “Marketing Commuter Services á la Mode” award, which basically means our Be a Green Commuter blog is doing a great job in highlighting individual commute modes, all while solidifying brand unity.

How do we feel about this? Well it's all very exciting and we're incredibly proud, but what it really does is push us to do even better because everyone knows there's always room for improvement.

Since the launch of the new Be a Green Commuter blog and information portal, UCLA Transportation has seen the total number of users to this site and the total number of pageviews more than double. We want to keep this trend going, so we’re working very hard to make this blog better, to help all commuters in any way we can and to keep these lines of communication wide open. And we welcome any feedback you may have.