Planning a Thanksgiving Day feast? Here are some nifty ideas on how your bike can help! Not only are you saving energy, but burning calories to enjoy seconds and thirds of your favorite dish!

  1. Smoothie Maker Bike By Lichfield Entertainment


Photo courtesy of Lichfield Entertainments

What better way to start the day off than with a refreshing fruit smoothie? Throw in your favorite fresh fruit and juice with ice and pedal your way to a light breakfast before popping the turkey in the oven! Learn to make your own bike blender here.

  1. Rock The Bike Ice Cream Maker

Photo courtesy of Volker Neumann

If you have crazed children bouncing off the walls, put them to work making ice cream for that a la mode piece of apple pie! Crank out freshly made ice cream that will be worth the extra effort once the creamy treat is ready to be served.

  1. GrainMaker Bicycle Kit


Photo courtesy of BackyardHomesteading

Plan on making cornbread or fresh rolls? Why buy processed flour or bread when you can jump on your bike and mill your own grain! The GrainMaker bike kit can be a bit on the pricier side, learn to make your own here!

  1. Christoph Thetard’s R2B2


Photo courtesy of Christopher Thetard

Want to go green all the way and really impress your guests? Check out Christoph Thetard’s R2B2 project, an electric-less pedal powered kitchen station.

Make anything from fresh whipped cream for the pumpkin pie to chopping veggies or pureeing potatoes for a creamy sweet potato casserole. Using pedal power, the R2B2 has a built in food processor, coffee grinder and hand blender to tackle almost any kitchen task. With room for three to four people to prep, the R2B2 lets the entire family get in on the fun!

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