Westwood FlyAway ReprieveIt's been in the news that the Westwood FlyAway was going away. The good news is the Board of Airport Commissioners (BAC) has granted the Westwood FlyAway shuttle route a reprieve so airport officials can work with UCLA on a series of actions to reduce the operating deficit of the service.  These actions include:

  • Dedicating 25 “FlyAway parking only” multiple-day park and ride spaces in UCLA Parking Structure 32, next to the FlyAway stop (Kinross, just west of Gayley).  With a weekly discounted rate of $59, these spaces, part of 100 parking pay station spaces being reprogrammed for multiple day use (up to 10 days), will be available to the public.
  • Providing UCLA subsidies for additional holiday service to handle student demand
  • Trimming operating hours by up to 22% and altering the schedule to provide only hourly departures every day of the week to reduce costs
  • Considering a modest fare increase

We are cautiously optimistic that if BAC and UCLA both agree on these actions, the BAC, at their July 11th meeting, will approve a six-month extension of  Westwood FlyAway to allow enough time to evaluate its effectiveness.