The Bruin Class of 2016 will be joining us next month! Help them settle into UCLA by sharing your favorite alternative transportation tips with them. Your advice can help a new group of Bruins learn how to live car-free at UCLA.

Read a couple tips that others have shared so far:

Get a bicycle! While you may live on campus and walk to classes, your bike can make your LA experience so much better and expand the "Westwood bubble" easily, quickly, cheaply, and enjoyably! While many people worry that biking in LA is scary, consider these things:

- biking on the sidewalk is legal in most parts of the city
- you as a bicycle rider have the same rights as a car on the road
- thousands of people do it everyday, very happily, all over the city
- and when in doubt, remember you now live in one of the most bike-friendly-weather cities in the world!

Lastly, I recommend for an affordable used bike; you don't need anything fancy nor specific to ride around the mostly-flat streets of LA. Then you can take advantage of UCLA's great bicycle resources, such as workshops at the Bike Shop, repair stations around campus, and a fantastic community of bike riders!

-Becky Miller

I usually hop onto any of the Santa Monica Blue Buses to get to campus -- purchasing the quarterly FLASH PASS is a convenient way to ride the bus over summer, fall, winter or spring. However, since the recent launch of the Bike Library at UCLA, I've been using a Felt Series bike ($45/quarter) that comes with a helmet, U-Lock, and lights. It's been the best option to zip through traffic and the best route from south of Santa Monica Blvd. to get to UCLA is via Glendon Ave. - trust me, it's worth it, the bike, the short cut, and the exercise

-Charlene Chang

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