DSC_0723You’ve probably noticed the Paul Frank characters on our bikes, but have you spotted the most unique Unicorn in our fleet? We are excited to introduce you to Dazzle the Unicorn, our new friend.

To celebrate our December sponsor, Cycle Hop and Paul Frank are giving away four Dazzle prize packs this month! All you have to do is comment on our Facebook about why you’re like Dazzle the Unicorn. Do you eat tons of delicious junk food? Do you roller-skate? Do you like 80s-inspired music? So does Dazzle. Let us know how what you have in common with our new friend and win!

You can also participate without commenting by submitting your entry here. One winner will be selected each week. Limit four entries per person regardless of entry method.

Click here for the full set of rules, terms and conditions for the promotion.