UCLA Transportation donates bikes to the Jeopardy Program

UCLA Transportation recently donated bikes that have been abandoned on campus to the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) Jeopardy Program.

The LAPD’s Jeopardy Program is a gang intervention and prevention program for at-risk boys and girls from ages 8 -17. The program identifies at-risk youth and works directly with their families, schools and communities in order to sway them away from gang involvement. Additionally, the program provides family counseling services and after-school programs for children and teenagers such as tutoring, recreational sports, arts and crafts and field trips.

The donated bikes will be used for bike maintenance and repair classes for the Jeopardy Program. The bikes that are repaired are then given to the member for participating in the program.

The Jeopardy Program has helped thousands of at-risk youth and their families since its inception in 1990. There are currently 13 local Jeopardy programs in different communities throughout Los Angeles. For more information about the program, click here.

UCLA Transportation impounds over 100 abandoned bikes on campus each year. In the past, abandoned bikes have been donated to the UCLA Thrift Store as well as the LACBC Bike Wrangler Program. In 2011, UCLA Transportation hosted its first Bike (Re)cycling Day and donated abandoned bikes to UCLA staff and students. UCLA Transportation will host another Bike (Re)cycling Day in October 2013. Like our Facebook page to get the latest information about Bike (Re)cycling Day and other Transportation events on campus.

UCLA Recreation and the UCLA Bike Shop have been instrumental in hosting Bike (Re)cycling Day each year. The UCLA Bike Shop provides discounted bike repairs, a DIY learning space and quarterly classes for UCLA staff and students. For more information about the UCLA Bike Shop, click here.