I have commuted on the Wilshire Blvd. Metro bus to UCLA from the Miracle Mile for about twenty years.  For the first ten years it was super convenient because the 22 bus went west on Wilshire, then turned up Westwood Blvd., and ended up behind the Faculty Center on Hilgard and Westholme.  Then the greedy folks at Metro decided to force people to purchase passes (rather than paying just one fare) by eliminating convenient bus routes that actually went where people such as myself wanted to go.  Instead, the Metro busses just stop at Westwood and Wilshire and force everyone going to UCLA to find another way up the hill.  For many years since then to go north I alternated between the 761 Metro bus, one of the Blue Busses, and the UCLA Campus Shuttle to get up to the Faculty Center.  I found it stressful, since I had been spoiled by my earlier direct ride.  There’s lots of traffic in the Village, and busses are sporadic.  Plus I still have to walk from the Faculty Center.

Then last June, my colleague Valerie, from the Latin American Institute told me about what she was doing to avoid having to transfer to another bus in Westwood Village.  She exited the Wilshire bus at Beverly Glen Ave., and walked through the lovely suburban streets south and east of campus, emerging at Wyton and Hilgard by the UCLA Guest House, very convenient to Bunche Hall.  The time involved is about the same as continuing on the Wilshire bus to Westwood, waiting for another bus, riding up the hill, and then still having to walk north from Hilgard and Westholme.  And the experience is so much nicer!  I find it really relaxing to walk through streets with beautiful landscaping. I arrive at work much less stressed than when I was dealing with the bus scene in Westwood.  I get to say hello to the gardeners doing all the beautiful landscaping.  Then there’s the added plus of twenty minutes of light to moderate exercise.  All good.  I recommend it highly to people heading to North Campus from the south and east.  Valerie provided me with a map which I’m attaching.

walking from beverly glen