I take the Burbank # 2 Vanpool:

As a new employee to UCLA, but mass transit savvy I knew I was going to use some kind of alternative tranportation .  Just so happened that a vanpool pickup was very close to my house and I immediately signed up for it.  What I get from my vanpool is so much more than a ride back and forth from work.

I get stories from my co-vanpoolers, I get conversation, I get news, and yes, occassionaly even gossip.  Spending 2 hours a day with my fellow vanpoolers gives me a feeling of the larger community that UCLA is.  Ultimately while saving about a ton of pollution a year - I get a great social experience and all for about a 100 bucks a month - which nowadays is about 2 fillups in my car. Really could not ask for more.  I truly appreciate my vanpool.