No joke: traffic was atrocious on Monday. There were three contributing factors: two of them were car accidents on the I-405. And as many of us know well, it can take several hours for our road network to recover from a car accident (since freeway back-ups spill onto our streets.)

But the third factor kind of took me by surprise: the traffic in Westwood Village was compounded by traffic: vehicular volumes were up nearly 100% over a typical Monday, as the following graph illustrates:

Traffic volumes on Westwood Boulevard were up substantially on Valentine's Day. Click on picture to make larger.

Monday, as you will recall, was Valentine's Day. I surmise that there were commuters who typically take alternative transportation drove in on Monday so they could take discretionary trips to be with their special someone. The car accidents, coupled by the heightened car volumes on our street, disrupted the "homeostasis" of our street network on Valentine's Day.

Side note: It took me just 30 minutes to get home that day, but it was because I used my Xootr and the sidewalks.