Sure, you already know about the convenience of Westwood FlyAway--hopefully you’ve already hopped on board to take advantage of it--but have you thought about other ways FlyAway service can benefit you?

Say it’s a weekday and:

  • You’re a UCLA student with a class you can’t miss but you’ve got a friend or family member flying into LAX that afternoon and you’re expected to go to LAX and meet them curbside, or
  • You have no connection to UCLA but you work in or live near Westwood Village and have a friend, family member or business colleague that just needs point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ transportation to/from LAX, or
  • You’re a UCLA staff or faculty member dreading the slow dance down the 405 (to drop off or pick up that friend or family member) on a work day when you could use the time to get things done for your job.

In all these scenarios, save gas, stress, money and the ability to do what you need to do at work or in class by having them catch the Westwood FlyAway. You can either meet them when they arrive on Kinross at the Westwood FlyAway terminal by UCLA Parking Structure 32 or drop them off at the same location in Westwood to efficiently get to LAX and make their flight.

Fast Facts


All FlyAway buses from Westwood to LAX drop off passengers on the Upper/Departures Level of each terminal.

Departures from LAX to back to Westwood arrive for pick up at Terminal 1, lower level, on the hour, based on this schedule, and then stops are made at each terminal thereafter.

Travel time: Depending on traffic conditions, travel times each way can range from 25-45 minutes. And no reservations are required.

Have you recommended and used FlyAway service for someone other than yourself?