The UCLA campus is filled with students, staff and faculty who get around campus by foot, bicycle, skateboards and more. Wheels can help us get to our destinations quickly and efficiently, but safety is always of utmost importance.

In November 2012, UCPD observers completed a count of individuals using bicycles, skateboards or scooters in Bruin Plaza. Over 80% of those individuals were not walking their wheels through the dismount zone.

The University of California Police Department began issuing warnings to those who were riding through dismount zones in December 2012. Starting Tuesday, January 22, 2013, UCPD will begin issuing tickets to those who are not walking their wheels in dismount zones. 

Dismount zones are located in three areas on campus: Bruin Walk, Bruin Plaza and the Parking Structure 8 corridor. These zones were implemented in 2009 to increase campus safety and avoid rider/pedestrian collisions. This policy is not meant to discourage traveling on wheels around campus, but rather to protect the safety of pedestrians and the entire campus community.

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