Employee Mode Split, 2010

UCLA Transportation just released its third edition of the State of the Commute. Produced by our Transportation Planning and Policy group, with production assistance from Diana, the State of the Commute Report is full of graphs and maps which contain or explain commuter characteristics, vehicle trips & traffic, commute modes and mode split information, and commuter support programs. You may download it here. Here are some of the highlights:

How do employees get to campus?

  • How many drive?  Drive alone? ~13,700 solo;
  • How many use public transit to commute? ~3,900
  • How many vanpools do we have?  158
  • Are carpools increasing or declining? up since ‘08
  • How many employees bicycle to work? ~ 500

How do students get to campus?

  • Do they drive less than employees? Much less!
  • What mode do they use the most? Public transit
  • Do students carpool frequently? Not really, 1/3 the carpooling rate of employee

The overall mode split?

  • Just 53.5% of employees and 29.9% of students drive alone; this is much lower than the  72% average

Student Mode Split

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