I stumbled upon a website the other day that provides information about colleges you may not find in a brochure.  College Prowler (www.collegeprowler.com/ucla/transportation) has quotes from students and parents and rates everything from Athletics, Greek Life, Weather, and you guessed it, Transportation.


Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a seriously cool tool and wish I had access to it when I was looking around for schools (and maybe I wouldn’t have elected to go to UC Irvine because they had a park in the middle of campus…).  My only beef is that they rated our transportation a C-!!  How did they arrive at this grade?  Their site explains “a high grade for Transportation indicates that campus buses, public buses, cans, and rental cars are readily available and affordable.  Other determining factors include proximity to an airport and the necessity of transportation.”  Hey, that’s all good too, but what they have listed under “Quick Stats” is so outdated that well, it outdates my tenure at UCLA.  There is no mention of the discount program with Culver CityBus, the numerous Metro buses that come to campus, or FlyAway, Amtrak, Zimride or Zipcar!  Okay, they mention Culver CityBus way down the page below student quotes, but still.

College Prowler – you say you “continually aim to be the most accurate, complete, and honest resource on colleges and universities”.  Please take a look at www.transportation.ucla.edu or www.beagreencommuter.com and update our page.  I think we deserve an A!  Okay, fine.  Westwood traffic isn’t pretty, so we’ll take an A-.

- Diana the _____ (I need a cool nickname, too)