405trafficLast month, 32 private and public universities were given multimillion dollar transportation research grants by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). UCLA was among one of them.

As part of the new Pacific Southwest Region University Transportation Center, the UCLA Luskin Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) will collaborate with USC and other universities in California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and the Pacific Island territories to help tackle significant transportation issues facing the southwestern and Pacific regions of the U.S. The center is one of 10 new federal regional centers.

Selected from a pool of over 200 candidates, the UCLA Luskin Institute will be receiving a five-year $14-million grant from the DOT, as well as an additional $14 million from the California Department of Transportation. The new center will bring more than $500,000 a year to UCLA, according to UCLA ITS Director Brian Taylor.

The new center will help recruit talented transportation students for graduate study opportunities at UCLA by offering them the chance to work with world-class thinkers and planners from across the region in an effort to find solutions to transportation problems nationwide. For more information, click here.