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UCLA is Silver status Bicycle Friendly University awarded by the League of American Cyclists. And while it may be true that the hill-strewn topography on and around BFU_Silver_2011_2019campus makes it difficult for commuting bicyclists, we have extensive bike programs and infrastructure to help mitigate that challenge.

That's why out of the 61,520 students and employees commuting to campus every day, 2,229 of them are bicyclists. And of that number, 1,635 of them are students.

UCLA has nearly 3,000 bike racks, seven miles of bike route, 4 DIY bike repair stations and bike lockers for added security. We have high-visibility bike lanes throughout campus, including on Westwood

Plaza and Strathmore Place, and are continuing to expand our bike lane network. This summer, we will be adding bike lanes on CEY Drive South between Tiverton and Westwood. Additionally, the UCLA Bike Shop on campus provides bike rentals for students and free safety classes.

Leading up to the launch of our award-winning BruinBikeSmart program in October 2016, we implemented a safety campaign in conjunction with UCPD, who increased their presence on campus in order to educate bicyclists about the new program and the importance of bike safety.

UCLA also has several Dismount Zone areas on campus in order to protect the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. These F86A0520Bruin Plaza, Bruin Walk and the Parking Structure 8 corridor. All bicycles, skateboards, scooters and rollerblades must be dismounted and walked through the area.

At UCLA Transportation, we want to encourage all employees and students to try bicycling to campus while promoting bike safety. For more information about our BikeUCLA programs, click here.