UCLA Transportation is pleased to announce the reception of  41 electric vehicles donated as a gift from the Ray Fladeboe Trust. Our commitment to sustainability is one of the reasons Denise Fladeboe Mock, trustee and co-owner of several auto dealerships in Irvine, California, allotted the vehicles to UCLA Transportation.

Although several universities were solicited, UCLA is the largest recipient of the gift, receiving 41 of the available 66 vehicles. By adding these donated vehicles to the UCLA fleet, the number of electric vehicles on campus now surpasses 250. The fully-equipped vehicles are valued at over $400,000 and range from electric motorcycles to low-speed passenger cars, trucks and vans suitable for campus roadways.

The eco-friendly vehicles have been delivered to the University, and UCLA Fleet Manager Tim Pfrimmer is developing an allocation process to assign them to campus departments. The vehicles are sustainable and are perfectly aligned with the University’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, specifically carbon dioxide, when used to replace vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The University greatly appreciates these new electric vehicles and thanks the Ray Fladeboe Trust for this generous gift.

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