walk wheels

UCLA Police recently began ramping up enforcement in designated campus dismount zones, giving out $202 tickets to people riding their bicycles, scooters and skateboards in prime pedestrian areas. Initiated five years ago, the Dismount Zone policy aims to make the campus safer for pedestrians. While some individuals agree this enforcement action is necessary, others disagree, questioning the need to walk one’s wheels in areas packed with pedestrians.

The UCLA Dismount Zone was adopted in 2009 to ensure the safety of all persons in Bruin Plaza and along Bruin Walk. While the Dismount Zone might be an inconvenience to some cyclists and skateboarders, it is a necessary action given the density in that area of campus. A number of people have suggested designing bike lanes along Bruin Walk; unfortunately, given the limited amount of space, bike lanes cannot be implemented in any safe manner.

The UCLA campus is constantly working to improve conditions for cyclists where possible. As an example, UCLA removed a motor-vehicle lane along Strathmore in order to accommodate a bike lane and a bike box. In addition, UCLA also installed a contra-flow bike lane along De Neve. Lastly, there are also bikeway improvements in the works for Charles E. Young Drive South, and Charles E. Young Drive North.

We appreciate your feedback, and continue to welcome suggestions for improving cycling conditions on campus. To help improve cycling conditions immediately off-campus along Westwood Blvd., consider supporting the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s (LACBC) Westwood Campaign.