Well, our official release for UCLA Bike-U-mentary is here!  I am absolutely thrilled to present my directorial debut short film to you, co-executive produced by UCLA Transportation and UCLA Sustainable Resource Center (SRC).

Please enjoy the film and I would love to know what you think! (thanks, credits, and final thoughts after the jump)

I need to start off by saying this film was SO much fun for me to make.  It was a very personal project because it managed to combine many of my passions and interests into one.  Also, as a Los Angeles native it’s great to see the bicycle culture here ‘tipping’ and gaining momentum.  The two protagonists, Herbie Huff and Mihai Peteu are truly an inspiration and I admire their perseverance, resolve, and commuting creativity.  They are living proof that ‘mind-fuels-the-body and body-fuels-the-mind.’

Also, the creative talent was… well, just that – creative and talented!

Cinematography: UCLA Film school Alumni and Award-Winning Cinematographer Paul de Lumen was involved from the beginning adding his creative input, and professional opinions and he is responsible for many of the cool shots that we managed to get during our two days filming.

Music: The amazing Shoji Kameda (a.k.a. Kametron) composed the music brilliantly to match the desired tone and feel of the piece.  Shoji is co-founder of On Ensemble and also plays percussion for the Grammy-nominated jazz-band, Hiroshima.

Misc:  film editor friend Peter Tahk was my technical guru throughout the editing process and he helped me troubleshoot along the way.  Thanks Pete!

The Production Crew: Mike King and Diana Chi – small enough crew to fit all of us in a minivan but we made a big impact!  There’s also many others at UCLA Transportation that helped see the process through in its entirety.  See the film press kit for a full list of names.

-Brent Pantell, Director of UCLA Bike-U-mentary