By Sirinya the Intern

Yours truly is going downtown for a Metro board meeting tomorrow with my fellow intern, Irving the Intern. In the world of transportation, tomorrow's meeting is a big deal because the Board is supposed to vote on whether to approve the long-awaited Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).

Damien Newton of LA Streetsblog defines the LRTP as a "document required by the federal government before agencies can request federal funds." He also notes that it is also a "visionary document" where an agency spells out its goals for the growth or transit and transportation in its area. (Thank you, Damien).

The creation of this document has been delayed for quite awhile. Last month, Juan and I showed up to another Board meeting bedecked in our Blue and Gold ready to rally the Board to approve the darn thing already. But then Board voted to postpone the vote to this month because at that point, only 24 hours had passed since the LRTP had been released to the public.

Since then, there has been some hankering that yet more outreach needs to be done for the LRTP. But for now, this remains on the agenda. If you would like to review it, please click here.