Argentina Buenos Aires with traffic at night

Ever wonder what a day without cars would be like? Well, stop your pondering and open your calendars. September 22nd is World Car-Free Day and its goal is to build walkable communities by creating jobs and shopping centers close to home and, in a similar vein, to endorse the expansion of mass transit and cycling. Who wouldn’t want that?  Join the cause along with people across the globe for a car-free, greener lifestyle. If you feel the itch to ditch your car for a day, here are some local car-free events to check out:

  • Critical Mass
    • “America’s Largest Community Bicycle Ride”
    • Where:
      • Start: Wilshire Blvd and Western Avecarfreeday
      • End: Sunset Blvd and Western Ave
    • When: 6:30pm (leaves at 7:29pm)
    • For more information:
  • The Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time
    • Community night bike ride
    • Where: California Donuts #21, at the corner of 3rd & New Hampshire
    • When: every Wednesday
      • Start: 8:30pm (leaves at 9pm)
      • End: Around midnight
    • For more information:
  • CicLAvia – Heart of LA