Sorry I haven't posted in the past couple of days!

I've been away presenting a poster at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference. Luckily, the conference was in town at LA Trade Tech College, which is just south of downtown LA and kitty corner to its own light rail line and lots of buses, as seen below:

Buses AND Trains: A magical moment captured by yours truly.

Thanks to BruinGo!, commuting to and from the conference was a snap.

I live in Santa Monica, so I was able to board the Big Blue Bus's Line 10, which is its express line to downtown at no extra charge by showing my Flash Pass and swiping my BruinCard. (Regular price is $1.75 each way.)

I was able to get off the bus at the first downtown stop, at Olive and Venice (eastbound), which was such a treat because I usually get off at the last stop, Union Station. I am such a fan of the Big Blue Bus 10, even if it sometimes get caught up in congestion on the 10, because I am able to avoid driving myself and the costs and hassles associated with parking.

If you haven't gotten your Flash Pass, it's not too late -- you have through July 23 for a summer quarter pass.

For more information: