I have been a three person carpool participant for about 3 years.

I am saving a substantial amount of money! My car has half the amount of mileage that I would have on it.
The two guys I ride with are a crack-up. They make me laugh every morning and night on the way home.
They make the commute enjoyable, even when we have to sit on the 405 or 101 in some awful traffic.

I cannot believe it took as many years to get in the carpool as it did. I was not looking forward to joining a carpool but gas just got so expensive that it seemed the best alternative. The two guys get off work one half hour earlier than I but wait for me. I am not able to change my hours.

One of the guys is thinking he will do something else so he can get home earlier (enjoy more of the summertime, less traffic, etc.).

If he does that the other one will probably do the same and then I will be back to driving alone! I am not looking forward to that.

I enjoy carpooling so much more than I thought I would.