Earth Day

Today, on earth day, I feel it is important to focus on the holistic approach to 'sustainability'.  'Sustainability' the word has managed to wiggle it's way into the mainstream as a buzzword to sell products while creating a positive public image for those involved.  I mean, come on, would a hybrid SUV even exist if this weren't the case?  Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I would rather those who are driving SUVs to be driving hybrid SUVs; however, it is representative of a common misunderstanding as to the overall goal of sustainability.  Being keen on green is great and is even trendy now; however, I would urge all who may read this to reflect on your own personal part in the global goal of sustainability BEFORE the river runs dry! 

Granted this is a Green 'Commuter'  blog but that is just one part of the overarching solution.  Things such as drinking tap or filtered tap water instead of bottled water, consistently eating lower on the food chain, and recycling all can help reduce your carbon footprint as well.  I would be a hypocrite if I said I did all of these things all of the time; however, the name of the game is reduction.  If each person changes their habits just a little bit, the global effects could be drastic.