All bikers know the thorns I'm talking about.  They're round on one end and they have a spike on the other just long enough to pierce through the thickest of tire treads and right into the tube.

Now I know that the bush or tree that generously scatters these thorns needs to do so in order to reproduce,  And I am all for making the world a greener place (I probably wouldn't be commuting by bike/carpool/bus if I wasn't) ; however, the thorns this fall season have been causing me mild anguish and I must say are making it more difficult to commute by bicycle.

So what are we as bikers supposed to do? Quit riding? Of course not!

~ Enter the Metro 'Bike to Work Patch Kit!'~

Metro Bike to Work Patch Kit

Metro Bike to Work Patch Kit

I figured as long as I am having to patch up my tires, I might as well photo-document the occasion for the blog in case anyone out there was wondering how to patch a tire.

  •  Remove the tube from the tire.  To do this I'll usually take the wheel completely off  but it's not necessary.
  • Pump some air into the deflated tube.  Use your descretion, but give it a good amount of pressure so that the tube blows up a nice amount.
  • Locate the puncture hole(s) by running your hand over the surface of the tube.  You'll feel air shooting out of tire.

    Find puncture in the tube

  • Identify the hole and put your finger on it to make sure the air stops leaking. If I'm at home, I draw a circle around the hole with a sharpie.
    Bike tube hole

  • Lightly sand the surface over the hole.  This makes it easier to adhere the patch.
    Sand the tube for better adhesion

  • Apply and spread the adhesive generously over the hole.  I let it dry for 30 seconds or so.
    Apply patch adhesive

    Spread the adhesive evenly

  • Place the patch directly over the hole and press firmly.  You'll feel the patch stick.  Make sure that no air can escape out of the edges and that the whole patch sits flush over the
    Place patch and press firmly
  • Check for other holes in the tube and repeat if necessary.  Place the tube back in the tire, tire on the wheel, and the wheel back on the bike.  Pump it up to the recommended air pressure. And voila, off and riding again in no time!