A man rides his Xootr southbound on Westwood Plaza toward the Strathmore Building. Picture taken in October 2010.

Naturally, it is being able to pull out my smartphone in time to take a snapshot of this person Xooting around campus. It made my heart swell with pride. In case you didn't already know, I own a Xootr, which is like a Razor Scooter except it is meant for adults. Xootrs have seven-inch wheels with ultra low-resistance polyurethane tires, a base wide enough for an adult to stand with both of his feet, and brakes for the front and rear wheels.

Xootrs are popular in New York City (see this picture of the actor Matthew Broderick with his), but not so much in LA (although I spot lots of Razors on campus). Thus, it is especially exciting for me whenever I see a fellow Xootr Scooterer on campus.

That's it for now.