Blog-2015Need a ride to get you to and from campus? Want to conquer those hills and cruise the streets while saving time on your commute and reducing your carbon footprint?

We're hosting our annual Bike (Re)cycling Day on Saturday, November 7, a day ripe with cool, second-hand rides, fun raffles and sweet prizes. Last year’s event was a great success, drawing over 200 people. There's only a couple days left to enter the lottery.

And what better way to get you pumped than to share a story from a past recipient of a sweet, sweet ride?

Alvin Chen

Even though I didn't get as good a raffle position last year (about 50ish out of 200 plus, and around 100 bikes available), I was able to find a bike that looked great, needed minimal tuning, and most importantly, fit me well.Recycle Day Bike

The bike, a 1991 Diamondback Master TG, opened new aspects of cycling to me. I hadn't owned a road bike before, and now I was able to go on group road rides with my other cycling friends. I've made a few upgrades here and there, and I'd say I've put well over 1000 miles on the bike since I've gotten it.

My roommate has a similar story. He got a mid-80's Univega Sport Tour missing it's front wheel. For the price of the new wheel, he has a great commuter bike as well.