On Friday, the Los Angeles City Council directed the city's Department of Transportation to return with project work and implementation plans, including staffing needs, for the Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit project in 90 days.

From LA Metro's FEIR for Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit bus project in 2001

As originally reported by our friends at LAist, the project could break ground as soon as 2011 (that's like next year) and be completed in 2013.

But, just like all formulaic rom-coms, there are obstacles standing in the way of the Wilshire BRT (per this staff report):

  • Depleted staffing levels at the Bureau of Street Surfaces could cause delays in the reconstruction of curb lanes on Wilshire through the Mid-City area
  • LAist's Zach Behrens noticed that the LADOT memo to the LA City Council's transportation committee cited that the BRT will result in travel time reductions of 20%, not the 25% figure previously cited by Metro; he basically asks what gives?
  • The project has to successfully undergo full environmental review, and receive an approved Environmental Impact Report. The same LADOT memo says that although the project has a lot of support, there was some opposition, and the identification of project alternatives necessitates the completion of an EIR.

It is worth pointing out, as Zach does in his LAist piece, that the curb jut-outs and parking will remain along Wilshire in Comstock Hills, aka Condo Canyon, aka the high-rise corridor which is under 2 miles from the heart of UCLA.

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