Rising gas prices have been all over the news lately. The LA Times reports of widespread surging prices that may put the entire U.S. economy at risk. But there is another cost to gasoline in addition to the bills that come out of our wallets--the cost to the environment.

The Center for Investigative Reporting created the eye-opening video above on the true costs of gas. They followed a single gallon of gas from its origin to its final destination in our vehicles' tanks and found that the process creates 25 pounds of greenhouse gas pollution.

In addition to environmental and fiscal dangers, these pollutants negatively affect our health. In Los Angeles, air pollution causes $1,250 in cost per person per year due to ER visits, lost work days and missed school days.

At UCLA, several options including carpools, public transit, bicycling, vanpools and walking can all help alleviate our dependency on gasoline. If you are a student or employee, special discounts, subsidizes and perks are here to help you make the switch. Save money, be sustainable and improve your health with one change to your commute.