Kimberly Cheng

As the digital marketing coordinator for UCLA Events & Transportation, Kimberly writes many of the articles for the Be a Green Commuter blog, covering topics from biking to traffic to sustainable living. Her preferred commute mode is vanpooling, mostly because she gets to relax and take a nap. She also enjoys utilizing public transit because of all the different people and places she gets to see. Outside of work, Kimberly likes reading historical fiction, hiking, traveling, and spending time with her Maltipoo, Kokomo.

Karen Lefkowitz

Karen is the communications and customer relations specialist for Bruin Commuter Services. In this role, she helps promote alternative transportation to help Bruins move well. Karen is a native Angeleno who likes exploring LA's diverse neighborhoods on foot and, when traveling longer distances, utilizing the Expo Line. A resident of a beachside community and an enthusiastic exerciser, she enjoys cruising the coastline by bike, walking and running—including participating in endurance challenges. A love of travel finds Karen on various adventures, be it taking the bullet train in Japan or bicycling in Mexico City. Karen is passionate about the environment and public heath, and she's very motivated to help Bruins adopt healthier, more sustainable commute options that benefit people and the planet.

Eddie Munguia

Eddie has been a student worker for the Integrated Marketing & Communications unit at UCLA Events & Transportation since his first year at UCLA. He is a frequent contributor to the Be a Green Commuter blog. Having been a track and cross-country athlete in high school, Eddie's preferred commute mode has always been walking and running because it keeps him in shape and helps him relax in between class and work. Outside of school and work, Eddie enjoys going to concerts, hanging out with friends, and trying new and exciting foods.

Michelle King

Michelle is a student worker on the Integrated Marketing & Communications team at UCLA Events & Transportation. In addition to writing articles for the blog, she aggregates interesting and relevant content for Be A Green Commuter's Weekly Wrap-Up posts. Her favorite commute modes are walking and taking the bus as she loves playing Pokémon Go and going to Koreatown on the weekends conveniently and inexpensively. Catch her outside the office dancing, going to concerts, or getting a meal with friends.

Matthew Hissom

Matthew is responsible for all things public transit in UCLA Events & Transportation’s Planning and Policy unit, as well as communicating road construction, detours and/or traffic impacts at UCLA and in surrounding neighborhoods. His favorite ice cream is chocolate chip and outside of work you’ll find him hiking, biking and cooking. His ultimate green commuting wish is the completion of the Purple Line Subway to Westwood.

Charles Carter

Charles is the communications analyst for UCLA Events & Transportation and occasionally posts to the blog. A long-time participant and co-driver in a UCLA Vanpool, he’s been doing the "ride" thing long before the words "green commuter" were mentioned together in the same sentence. In his spare time he likes cooking breakfast, non-fiction reading, going to see classic automobiles at museums and car shows, and taking long walks NOT on the beach.