Liiketoiminta_06Feeling stressed or having trouble concentrating at work? For all the single daily commuters on the road, walking or biking to work might be your answer. Research shows that daily commuters who switched from using a car to walking or biking to work, demonstrated higher levels of concentration and were less stressed.

In addition to walking and biking, the HealthDay News also reported the surprise benefits from taking public transit:

"One surprising finding was that commuters reported feeling better when traveling by public transport, compared to driving," stated lead researcher Adam Martin, from the University of East Anglia's Norwich Medical School.

During the study conducted at the University of East Anglia's Norwich Medical School, researchers focused on the “commuters' feelings of worthlessness and unhappiness, their sleep quality and whether they had trouble dealing with their problems.”

Preventive medicine found that the more time spent commuting in our cars, the greater the negative impact. On the other side, the more time spent walking, biking or being physically active, the greater the physical and mental health benefits.

Walking to work not only boosts mental and physical health, but helps to strengthen the cities we live in. Gizmodo’s urbanism editor, Alissa Walker, stated, “Walking is the simplest, most cost-efficient way to improve a city's economic and environmental viability.”