This month, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) is holding its second-ever City of Los Angeles Bicycle and Pedestrian Count. In 2009's bike count, LACBC counted over 14,000 cyclists at 50 different intersections throughout LA.

Accurate data about bicycle ridership is invaluable when it comes to advocacy and policy change. The LACBC says:

"We ... would like to see Metro and Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) help organize all cities in the county and region [to] conduct annual or bi-annual bicycle and pedestrian counts. According to SCAG, 12% of all trips in the region are made by bicycling and walking, yet only 0.5% of all of our transportation funding is allocated for bicycle and pedestrian improvement."

The bike count will further demonstrate the need for appropriate attention and funding to be spent on bicycle and pedestrian awareness and safety.

Want to help? The LACBC is looking for volunteers to help set up a count in your community. Click here to sign up.