Looking for original gifts for the daily green commuter in your life? Here are 12 gifts, ranging from $20 to $137, for bicyclist, walkers, public transit riders and carpoolers!

zojirushiZojirushi Vacuum Travel Mug ($39)
This travel mug keeps beverages warm or cold for hours in its vacuum insulated container. The Zojirushi travel mug is corrosion resistant and has a safety lock to help prevent accidental spills and leaks. This would be the perfect gift for the walkers, bikers and public transit riders in your life!


package_umbrella_1_1Knirps Compact Umbrella with Case X1 ($60)
As we continue through winter what better gift than an umbrella? The compact Knirps umbrella comes with its own case to help commuters store it away without having to worry about how much space it will take up. This umbrella can easily fit into the palm of your hand and would is perfect for walkers, bus riders and carpoolers alike!


lflectLflect Reflective Scarves ($137)
The Lflect reflective scarf or knit wear is a perfect addition to any commuter’s closet that has to worry about being seen at night! The highly fashionable scarf is available in a variety of colors and has sizes for both men and women! In addition to scarves, Lflect offers various reflective accessories and clothing.


mainKuat Bottle Bike Lock ($30)
This is the perfect gift for the bike enthusiast in your life! The Kuat bottle bike lock holds a 5ft, 8mm cable that locks back into itself. The bottle lock is a self-contained, hassle free solution to the traditional bike lock! In addition to fitting into most water bottle holders, the Kuat lock has a secret compartment underneath to store keys and cash.


dsc_1403Koteli Foldable Bags ($34)
Koteli’s reusable foldable bags are lightweight and perfect to keep in a desk or tucked away in a backpack or purse! It’s a great solution when a commuter finds themselves with an extra load of belongings to carry to or from work. Additionally, these bags are machine washable and water resistant!


karmaKarma Go WiFi Hotspot ($99)
For those public transit riders as well as carpoolers, the Karma Go is perfect for work on the run! Your commuter will be able to use their computer or tablet to access WiFi while on the road. Karma works on a pay-as-you-go format so you won’t have to worry about signing up for a monthly plan!


HS+UK+Red+v1sHalo Belt ($49)
If the reflective scarf won’t cut it for the green commuter, then the Halo belt will! The ultra-bright Halo belt can be worn by bicyclist and walkers, who need enhanced visibility. The weatherproof USB rechargeable belt or strip can be worn around the waist, shoulders or placed on a bag!


Grip_Touch_Product_Page_1C_95092__57988.1414690497Agloves Touch Screen Gloves ($25)
As the weather turns, Agloves will allow you to use a touch screen device without having to take your gloves off in the cold. Help your green commuter stay warm, while changing music, playing on their tablets, texting or checking emails! The Agloves are made with extra silver to keep the heat in and a snug cuff to keep win out!


bogs1Bogs Urban Walker Waterproof Shoes ($72)
The Bogs Urban Walker shoe is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for friends and family that walk or take the bus often! This durable, yet comfortable, shoe is has an enhanced non-slip outsole to help the user in wet or icy conditions. Bogs also makes waterproof leather shoes so that there is no need to change once you get to work!


WalletMission Cycling Wallet ($29)
The Mission Cycling Wallet was design with the cyclist in mind but is a great option for all commuters! It replaces the plastic bag that many of us use to store our phones in when it’s raining out. The wallet is made to protect your phone from the elements, while allowing you to still use the touch screen! In addition, users can keep credit cards, IDs or money tucked into one of the pockets on the back.


500_web_alt1Bar-ista ($20)
This one is strictly for the bicyclist in your life! The Bar-ista lets riders carry a beverage while riding their bikes! The simple, yet brilliant, product mounts to almost any flat or riser handlebars and allows you to take your coffee and tea with you! Remember, a lid is necessary with this item!


4MiLi Power Notebook ($60)
Have someone in your life that is always on the run and always looking for a phone charger? This is the perfect gift for them! The MiLi Power Notebook allows a traveler to charge two devices at once, while looking over or taking notes! The sleek design will fit nicely into your commuter’s bag, purse or backpack.