Metro just closed the voting for its first Transit Flicks contest. There were seven finalists, but I wanted to share my favorite here, "The Heartbeat of LA" submitted by Faye Kingslee. Tagline: You can find love in the strangest places.

At first, I thought, hmm. Meeting someone intriguing on mass transit can't be that unusual, even here in LA. After all, in DC (where I lived for a few years), people were always posting missed connections on mass transit on Craigslist.

But then I decided to do a quick search: just ~15 missed connections on variations of mass transit (keywords: Metro, subway, bus).  There were probably more sightings by car (particularly stuck in traffic), but I didn't want to use my work computer to find out.

Anyway, watch the video; listen to the song,  She's All Tonight by 6th Street, which I am absolutely loving.