Ever wondered what the first-ever bicycle looked like?

File:Draisienne built by Niépce, 1818 - Musée Nicéphore Niépce - DSC06041.JPG

You might be thinking, "Where are the pedals and chains?" They weren't designed to be there in the first place!

The "Draisienne" is the earliest invention in the history of bicycles, which was originally constructed with the intention of creating a walking machine. It allows you to glide forward as you push your feet against the ground, very much like the pedal-less bicycles we get for toddlers today. A wide range of bicycles have since been created with variations in length, height, size of wheel, tires and mechanisms.

Check out this cool infographic that shows the history of bicycles since 1817, and find out how bicycles have evolved from the "Draisienne" to the fancy, sturdy and functional bicycles that we have today.

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Bike Evolution

[via http://popchartlab.com]