bikelaneCycling goes hand in hand with technological development and environmentally friendly thinking. While the bike and the cyclist are naturally the beating heart of this relationship, there is one little piece of technology which has helped improve the lives and safety of cyclists the world over while not costing us the earth.

That little something is the humble LED bulb. At the beginning of the 90s it came in and replaced the inefficient easy-to-break incandescent bulb as the bike light to use. Since then it has become more effective and more powerful while using a fraction of the energy to use. While it gets more and more affordable, it is also getting better, and crucially, is flexible enough to be woven into a range of new technologies.

Some of these innovations are directly tied to improving cyclist safety. These include:

  • Safety projections - so cars know you are in their blind spot
  • Light display coats - safer than the headlight and the glow in the dark coat combined
  • Illuminated pathways for cyclists and pedestrians - reducing the need for streetlights on some paths.

These are just some of the ideas being developed. You can learn more about these and more by checking out this article on how LEDs are helping to make cyclists safer.


how-led-make-cyclists-safer-infographic (1)