Do you know the difference between a bike path, bike lane, bike route and a bike boulevard? The County of Los Angeles has recently launched a new bikeways website that features an interactive map of all bikeways within L.A. County and tells you which one of the four types of commuter bikeways each belongs to.

The L.A. County helps users to distinguish the different types of bikeways by providing detailed explanations for each one of them:

  • Bike Path: Off-street shared-use path for bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Bike Lane: On-street striped and signed dedicated travel lane for bicycles.
  • Bike Route: On-street travel lane shared by bicyclists and other vehicular traffic.
  • Bike Blvd.: On-street travel lane with traffic calming and other enhancements to prioritize bicycle travel

The map also informs users of current and proposed closures of bikeways. Make sure to check for closures every now and then so that you can plan your bike trips more effectively!

Apart from using the bikeways map, you can read the 2012 Bicycle Master Plan and learn about ongoing bikeway improvement projects on the website. The Bicycle Master Plan guides you through the planning process that goes on behind the scenes of the bikeway improvement projects. Also, don't forget to check out the Resources page for useful biking information, such as the California Vehicle Code for Bicycles.