I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to UCLA Transportation for the UCLA Ridecard. If you are a staff or faculty member without a solo driving permit, you are entitled to the Ridecard, which provides you with a $3 discount on daily parking. It's meant for Green Commuters who occasionally need to drive a personal vehicle to campus.

Today, Juan and I carpooled to UCLA so that I could travel back to my parents' house in the Valley to do two one important things. The first one is to VOTE! Today, folks, is ELECTION DAY.

Amended: Actually, I will only be doing one thing, and that's picking up the remainder of my things at my parents' house. This is because the race for the vacant City Council District 2 seat doesn't end until December 2.

As for the RideCard itself, it's pretty simple: You apply for one through your department's parking coordinator and you show it to obtain your discounted daily parking permit from one of our Information & Parking kiosks on campus. With the discount, parking is still $7 - it's still not that cheap, so I'm still motivated to take my green mode of the day to reach work as much as possible. But the RideCard provides another layer of security for those of us who use sustainable modes to reach work.

Related Information:

Where to use your RideCard to buy discounted daily parking permits?

  • Stein Plaza
  • Westholme & Hilgard
  • Westwood Plaza
  • Sunset & Westwood Plaza (note: closed Fridays)

Please note that the parking kiosks by Wyton & Hilgard and Tiverton & LeConte are no longer open.