Thanks to Zimride, I’m now in a carpool!

I’ve blogged earlier this summer about my multi-modal commute to work from my parents’ house in Valley Glen. Via Xootr (my kick scooter) and Metro 761, it took 70 to 90 minutes each way. I was content to do this while working part-time, but it’s exhausting to do five days a week.

Enter Zimride, UCLA Transportation’s ridematching software…

Earlier in the summer, I posted my commute and heard from someone (via Facebook, of course) who lived just half a mile away a few weeks later.

My carpool buddy, S., is great and the commute now takes about 35 to 40  minutes.  I’m grateful that things are working out after figuring out the logistics. It was a little tricky, so I urge anyone who has to go through this to be patient.

Some of the issues S and I had to figure out:

  • Who would drive? Would we alternate?
  • Who would be the permit holder? I wound up applying for the permit instead since S, as an “affiliate”, would have had to come in every month into our lobby.
  • How to divvy the costs? S and I decided to divide the cost of the permit and gas in half,  even though I do not catch a ride home with him every day.

There were trade-offs in becoming a carpooler. In the fall, because I now have a parking permit (gasp!), I won’t qualify for any of our transit pass programs. This is a bummer since I still occasionally commute via transit (to go home, from my boyfriend’s, to reach work-related meetings downtown). But I’ll still be able to take advantage of the BruinGo! 25 cent co-pay to ride Big Blue Bus, and I figure I’ll buy tokens from the CTO.

And since I hope to move back to the Westside later in the fall, I had to disclose this to my carpool buddy this right away. (I strongly advise that you make these kinds of disclosures right away.) Anyway, if you live in the East Valley and take Beverly Glen over the Hill, drop us a line so we can share the ride!