Using Facebook to facilitate ridematching

Using Facebook to facilitate ridematching

By Sirinya the Intern

Good news, folks! I might be getting into my own carpool!

Out of the blue, last Friday, somebody sent me a Facebook message regarding my ride request on Zimride. We exchanged some messages to figure out where we lived, our work schedules, the length of our carpool arrangement (this person will be at UCLA for just one year; I am a part-time intern) and the feasibility of obtaining a three-person carpool permit… which, I must add, is almost the holy grail of parking permits. I say this because a three-person carpool permit is also classified as a blue permit, which entitles people with priority parking almost anywhere during the work week.

And yes, because we were on Facebook, I added him as a friend; saw that he was the same age as me (good), had gone to high school up in the Bay with some people I know (possibly nerve-wracking), and in a relationship (these are important things to mention! Carpooling is like … establishing a relationship with a hair dresser!

I am on the fence regarding the prospect of giving up my subsidized passes in exchange for a parking permit. For most, the dilemma is over losing the “freedom” of coming and going as one pleases in a car. For me, the dilemma is realizing that not only would I have to pay for a parking permit + gas, I might slack off on my own reliance on transit for discretionary trips after giving up the passes. These things might seem silly, but they’re very real to me.

For the time being, I will probably continue to take the bus, but I’ll keep everyone posted on how this turns out!