Los Angeles Critical Mass

Image from Los Angeles Critical Mass's Facebook page

I'm checking out my first ever Critical Mass tonight, along with members of the UCLA Bicycle Coalition.

I've primarily ridden my bike solo for commuting or Last Mile purposes, even as a kid. (Then again, I grew up in Wilshire Center, where very few kids rode a bike in the early 1990s). No group rides for me, so tonight's Critical Mass is a first. The Los Angeles Critical Mass meets at the corner of Wilshire and Western in Koreatown, so I'm going to take a Metro 720 from campus.

This will be the first Critical Mass since last month's brouhaha, in which an officer was caught trying to trip or kick a cyclist was caught on video. The LAPD's bicycle cops will be riding in solidarity, and there's this movement called Project Civil Obedience, in which some CM regulars are calling for people to follow the rules (i.e. ride with headlights, stop at red lights.) So I'm not really sure what to expect, although BikinginLA and LA Streetsblog offer some prognostications.

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes - I've got my fingers crossed that all goes well.