This morning, I'm writing to you from Champs Elysee, this French cafe on Robertson in Beverly Hills. I seldom venture here, but it's a special occasion because I'm waiting for my friends Alexis Lantz and Colleen Callahan. We're about to go to a meeting with several deputies of Councilmember Paul Koretz to discuss the Los Angeles Bike Plan. I'll let Mike go into the Bike Plan on another day. But what I'll tell you right now is a) I'm really excited; b) we'll be discussing Alexis's analysis of a survey she administered last fall to measure attitudes toward cycling in LA; ;and c) this Champs Elysee place is pretty charming, actually.

But first, a mini-rant: Seriously people? I don't mind if you chat on your cell phone on the bus. I do it sometimes myself. But seriously? What compels you to use your cell phone on the bus as a speakerphone??? This one guy this  morning on the 720 (bus #9355, if you must know) decided to do EXACTLY THAT. And he got all obstreperous when I asked him if he could use the phone in handset mode. I thought he'd be apologetic. But instead, he talked back!

So what did I do?

I tweeted, to @metrolosangeles. (Yes, Penny, Kyrie, Dave: Please laugh. Laugh away.)

@metrolosangeles this jerk has been on the speakerphone of his cell for awhile-got pissed when I asked him to stop. Etiquette lessons pls?

More later.