I'm back on the bus again now that I have moved back to the Westside. I loved carpooling with Shaun, my carpool buddy, but seriously, carpooling with Shaun (and the quality 90 minutes a day that we spent together) was probably one of the only two good things about living in the Valley (the other one being "free" rent).

So yes, I'm back on the bus. My boyfriend and I found the perfect apartment in Santa Monica. We debated over whether to live in south of Wilshire in Westwood or in downtown Santa Monica.

Initially, I gravitated toward Westwood because of its proximity to the 761, the Metro bus line that travels within a mile of my parents' house. But I wasn't happy with the inventory I saw in Westwood, in spite of the fact that every unit I saw was $300 cheaper to rent per month than the previous tenant paid.

Our  new location is proximate to the 720 stop by 14th and Wilshire. It is perfect for me because I walk past a supermarket, a drug store, and a drycleaner on my way to and from the bus. Previously, while living in Weyburn, I had to make special trips in order to get to those destinations. (The Campus Shuttle is great, but it turns out it is a door-to-door service, and I got into the habit of postponing trips to places like dry cleaners and supermarkets.)

So now, I have my GoMetro pass, and I'm taking advantage of the BruinGO 25 cent co-pay. The travel time varies - this morning, it took me just 30 minutes door-to-door, while it took Juan 70 minutes to reach UCLA since he left much later than me, and the rain continues to fall here. It find it delightful to ride the Big Blue Bus and see so many UCLA staff members and students show their BruinGO flash passes and swipe their BruinCards. For now, I mostly stare out of the window or time the length of the commute, but I suspect I'll start blogging from a smartphone when I finally cave in and buy one in the near future.