Ever wondered where your stolen bike went? With the BikeSpike, you can now keep an eye on your bike using your smartphone and computer and always know exactly where it is located!

Currently featured on the KickStarter, the BikeSpike is a security device that allows cyclists to “digitally lock” their bikes with its smartphone app. Once you have the BikeSpike hardware installed on your bike, you are able to monitor the location of your bike instantaneously. This technology adds an additional layer of security to your basic locking practices by sending alerts to your phone and email if your bike is moved out of a predefined boundary.

Apart from GPS tracking, here are some other smart functions that the BikeSpike serves:

  1. The accelerometer sensor can detect when a crash happens. It automatically notifies the key members of your contact list, and shares your location when you are involved in a collision.
  2. You can share the location data and photo of your bike to the public and local law enforcement, so you can get some help with getting your bike back!
  3. The app provides a template that makes it easy to create detailed police reports when your bike gets stolen.
  4. You can easily share your biking statistics, such as distance, speed and courses, with your friends.
  5. You only need to charge the BikeSpike hardware once a month. You will receive notification on your phone when the battery is running low.

The BikeSpike opens up many possibilities for API development. We can only imagine how many fun bicycling-related gaming and fitness mobile apps can be created with this new technology!

Take a look at their KickStarter campaign and let us know what you think.