It will soon be even faster and easier for Bruins to get to the Culver City Station of the Expo Line!

As we previously covered, the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus lines 12 and Super 12 can bring you from the Ackerman or Hilgard terminals to Culver City.

Starting next Monday, the Super 12 will become the Rapid 12!

From the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus' website:

New! Starting August 27, Super 12 becomes Rapid 12 for an even faster ride between Westwood/UCLA and the Expo Culver City station! Some stops are being eliminated (but will still be served by Local 12) and the Culver City stop is being relocated to northbound Robertson between Venice and Washington.

Remember to get your BruinGO! Flash Pass to save money with each ride. And once fall quarter begins, all BruinCard holders can ride the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus or Culver CityBus for only 50 cents.