The season opener of CBS's The Amazing Race features participants racing to be the first to reach Santiago, Chile from downtown Los Angeles.

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But first, they have to figure out how to get to LAX via public transit.

For UCLA-based green commuters, this one is a no-brainer: Get thee to Union Station ASAP to catch the FlyAway, preferably as close to the hour or half-hour.

However, only one of the 11 teams (Joe & Heidi) is from LA.

Participants squawk: "Who takes the bus in LA?"

Some do ask for help. A bus driver instructs a group to get to Union Station to take the FlyAway.
FlyAway MCI at Union Station

Source: LAWad/Flickr

Others, following Joe and Heidi's lead, land on the train. Heidi, his wife, boasts that Joe knows the downtown LA area really well. He adds, "I knew there was a Metro, and a bus. The Metro was just two or three blocks, so we took the Metro."



Of course, getting to LAX from downtown requires two trains + a transfer to a shuttle at Aviation Station. The FlyAway, in contrast, benefits from the higher speeds on the Harbor Transitway and the carpool lanes on the Century Freeway and takes passengers directly to the terminals inside LAX.

Not surprisingly, the crew that took the FlyAway got to LAX first.