Teague Pulse Concept

My co-worker Charles forwarded me this article on the 20 coolest bike designs posted on Businessweek.com.  My favorite was the Teague Pulse Concept bike.  This futuristic two-wheeler is a sort of cafe-racer/fixie hybrid and kind of reminds me of the motorcycles from the Tron Legacy trailer .  If Teague (designers of the Xbox) timed it right, they may be able to coordinate or tie in their marketing to the Tron remake and sell some serious units.

At first glance, the Pulse Concept looks like a flashy gimmick; however, upon further inspection it has potential to become a triumph in the areas of industrial design and commuter cycling as a means of alternative transportation.  The catalog for the Pulse states, "the main objective of this machine is to energize its rider and incite passion for alternative forms of transportation - this or any other."  More specifically the bike aims to increase visibility and increase the safety and feasibility of commuting at night.  And with numbers of commuter bicyclists in Los Angeles growing rapidly it could become very popular if they can manage to keep the cost reasonable once it is produced.  Key features of the Pulse include a glowing frame, easy to use turn signals without taking your hands off of the bars, turn indicators on the rear underneath the seat, and weighted LED lit pedals.  Mix all of this functionality with a super sleek design and this bike makes for an exciting enhancement in the commuter cyclist world.