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2014 UCLA Food Drive: Yes, we can “TACKLE HUNGER” from Oct. 27 to Dec. 12


BlogArtAs the holiday season approaches, the UCLA community is invited to “TACKLE HUNGER” in the 2014 UCLA Annual Fund and Food Drive between Monday, Oct. 27 and Friday, Dec. 12.

This year, UCLA and USC were presented with the unique opportunity to partner with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to help the community fight hunger.

As the two universities continually strive to contribute positively to the community through various philanthropic projects, UCLA and USC have joined forces in a friendly competition aiming to spread hunger awareness through community outreach beyond campus walls.

The UCLA Food Drive will benefit the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, an organization that serves Los Angeles County, and the UCLA Food Closet, an on-campus resource managed by the Community Programs Office that provides struggling students with a safe place to pick up food.

The UCLA community is invited to participate in the following ways:

  • Donate Money: Every $1 donated equals 4 meals…

Monetary funds to LA Regional Food Bank and the UCLA Food Closet will be accepted until Dec. 12:

- Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
- Click here to make a donation to the UCLA Food Closet


  • Donate Food: Goods can be donated to LA Regional Food Bank and/or the UCLA Food Closet at the following locations between Oct. 27 – Dec. 12:
  1. UCLA Transportation Lobby (Strathmore Building)
  2. Student Activity Center (Community Programs Office, Room 105)
  3. K-6 Information and Parking Booth (on Westwood across from Strathmore)
  4. Transit Office on Kinross (near Parking Structure 32)
  5. Fleet Yard (on Charles E. Young West)
  6. Events Office (located in Kerckhoff)
  7. Volunteer Center (in the Wilshire Center, Suite 1500 Lobby)
  • Donate at the Bruin Bear to win tickets to the UCLA vs. USC game: Make an online donation or donate at least two cans of food at the Bruin Bear, between Monday, Nov. 17 and Friday, Nov. 21, to be entered in the UCLA Food Drive raffle for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the UCLA vs. USC game on Saturday, Nov. 22. All donations on Bruin Plaza will be accepted throughout the week from 10am to 2pm, except on Friday, Nov. 21, when donations will end at 12:00pm.The raffle winners will be contacted via email on Friday, November 21 by 1pm, and will have until 4pm that day to pick up the game tickets at the UCLA Transportation lobby. If the winning tickets go unclaimed, they will be raffled off to the next eligible winners.
  • UCLA vs. USC: The BIG Game: On Saturday, Nov. 22, you will have the opportunity to donate funds online or via a text-to-donate competition during the game. A pre-game announcement will rally fans to text-to-give to Beat USC.
  • Text-to-give: Text GOUCLA to 85944 on your phone and reply, ‘yes’ to confirm your $10 donation to the LA Regional Food Bank. The donation will be added to your phone bill. Every $10 donated helps the Food Bank feed 40 people!
  • Donate your social media status: Click here to donate your social media status to #TackleHunger on November 22 at 12:00pm through Thunderclap. Thunderclap allows the LA Regional Food Bank to automatically post a message of support on your feed along with other supporters.

Below are some examples of food items you can donate:

  • juice boxes
  • canned tuna
  • crackers
  • peanut butter/jelly
  • nuts
  • canned fruits or vegetables
  • pancake mix/syrup
  • breakfast squares/cereal bars/oatmeal
  • coffee/tea/ powdered milk
  • macaroni and cheese/instant noodles
  • rice/pasta
  • Personal items: toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion

To view a complete list of requested items, click here. You can also help us spread word about this year's food drive by posting and sharing our flyer.

To stay up-to-date with the latest news, click here to join our Facebook event page.

Thank you for your generosity! Go Bruins!

Bike Essentials: Yizhao “Paul” Chen


Yizhao "Paul" Chen is the UCLA Bike Shop supervisor. He’s currently pursuing his Bachelor in ‘Applied Mathematics’ and enjoying his last quarter at UCLA. As a bike enthusiast, Paul hopes to find employment in a bike related field. Below, he shares a little bit of information about his bikes and the gear he carries with him.


I own four bikes:
- a 2014 orange Swobo Sanchez frame, with custom parts
- a 2014 Trek Crockett Cyclocross
- a 2014 Felt F4 (road bike)
- and a specialized 1990s Rockhopper

When I commute, my essentials include: Garmin cycling computer, two headlights, one taillight, water bottle, a jacket (when it's cold), a flat kit (CO2 inflators, spare tubes, tire levers, and multi tool), lock, gloves, cycling cap and a helmet.

When I go on training rides, my essentials include: Garmin, lights (depending on the length of the ride), two water bottles (one with water and one with a recovery drink), a flat kit in a saddle bag, gloves, a cycling kit, helmet, cycling cap, food (energy gels, mostly Shot Bloks), phone, ID and credit card.

On all my rides, I usually bring at least two spare tubes. This is so I'll be covered if I get a flat, and if others get a flat, I can help them out as well.

A fun fact about my Trek Crockett is its paint job resembles a bag of tropical flavored skittles, giving it the nickname “Skittles on Wheels”.

Each month, we feature a UCLA bicyclist and the essentials they bring with them on their rides.

We are currently looking to feature other modes of transportation such as public transit, walking, carpool and vanpool. Please, leave a comment or email us if you’d like your essentials to be featured.

Big Blue Bus Community Meeting: Recap


IMG_5227Yesterday, UCLA students, staff and faculty were able to give Big Blue Bus (BBB) their feedback on the carrier’s upcoming proposed service changes. During the community meeting, the audience learned that Line 8, which original proposed changes would’ve caused a disturbance in service to the UCLA campus, will remain unchanged, and will continue to serve the UCLA community.

This past summer, BBB collected feedback via a survey, where bus riders were able to voice their opinions and concerns on the proposed changes. If you haven't had the chance to participate yet, the survey will officially close in one week, so give your input as soon as possible.

A few important dates are coming up. The next big workshop will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2014. At that time, BBB will take all the information they have been collecting and present it to the Santa Monica City Council.

Timeline of Next Main Events:
February/March: Final plan proposal
September/October 2015: First minor changes will take place
February 16, 2016: BBB Expo line opening

If you are dissatisfied with the proposed service changes and want to make an impact, you are welcome to contact your local councilman.

The complete BBB Expo Integration Study proposed changes can be found online at

Recap of draft recommendations:

Route 1 Santa Monica Blvd

  • Adjust downtown Santa Monica routing
  • Extend to Marina del Rey
  • Remove infrequent extension to Venice High
  • Frequency and hours of service unchanged

Rider options:

  • In Venice, use Metro Route 33, Big Blue Bus Route 3, or new Big Blue Bus route on Walgrove Ave.

Route 2 Wilshire Blvd:

  • Truncate route at Westwood Blvd to reduce duplication of service and improve speed and reliability
  • Frequency and hours of service unchanged

Rider options:

  •  In Westwood/UCLA campus, use Route 1 or Rapid 12 to travel to Wilshire/Westwood to transfer to Route 2.

Route 3 Lincoln Blvd & Montana Ave

  • Consolidate operations of Route 3 and Rapid 3
  • Add stops to Rapid 3
  • Operate Rapid 3 more frequently
  • Replace Route 3 service between Downtown Santa Monica and UCLA with service to key destinations along the route using new or adjusted services
  • Approximate time between buses: 8 min during peak hours and midday, 15-30 min in the evening

Rider options:

  • On Montana Ave corridor, use Big Blue Bus Routes 8, 9, 41, or 14, or new Big Blue Bus routes serving 26th St. and Barrington Ave
  • In Westwood/UCLA campus, use Routes 1, 2, or Rapid 12
  • On Sepulveda, use Culver City Bus Routes 6 or Rapid 6
  • On Manchester Ave, use LA Metro Route 115Expo

Route 4 San Vicente Blvd & Carlyle Ave

  • Eliminate this route and provide service to key destinations along the route using other new or adjusted services
  • Service to the VA Hospital will be provided by the new Route S
  •  Approximate time between buses: TBD

Rider options:

  • On 4th St between Downtown and San Vicente Blvd, use Route 8
  • On San Vicente Blvd between 14th St and 26th St, use new Route T
  • On San Vicente Blvd near Bundy Dr, use Route 14
  • On San Vicente Blvd near Barrington Ave, use new Route B
  • Route S will connect Wilshire Blvd, the VA Hospital, and Sawtelle Blvd with the Sepulveda Expo Line station
  • On Olympic Blvd, use Route 5
  • On Pico Blvd, use Route 7

Route 5 Olympic Blvd

  • Reduce duplication with Metro and Expo Line
    • Delete service east of Century City
    • Delete service between Bergamot and downtown Santa Monica
  • Extend route south from Century City to Palms Expo Line Station
  • Weekday frequency decreased from every 20 minutes to every 30 minutes
  • Hours of service will remain the same

Rider options:

  • On Pico Blvd, use Big Blue Bus Route 7 or Rapid 7
  • On Robertson Blvd, use LA Metro Route 220
  • Between Bergamot and downtown Santa Monica, use Expo Line or Big Blue Bus Route 1 on Santa Monica Blvd

Route 8 Ocean Park Blvd (This line will now remain unchanged)
Previous proposed changes:

  • Extend to North Santa Monica
  • Adjust downtown Santa Monica alignment
  • Extend to Culver City Expo Line Station instead of serving UCLA
  • Frequency and hours of service remain the same

Rider options:

  • On Westwood Blvd and UCLA campus, use Rapid 12.

Route 12/Rapid 12 UCLA/Westwood to EXPO

  • Consolidate Route 8, 12, and Rapid 12 service on Westwood Blvd on a restructured Rapid 12
  • Create limited stop, high-frequency corridor serving Westwood and Overland
  •  End route at Motor Ave & Washington Blvd

Rider options:

  • In Palms and Culver City, use Big Blue Bus Routes 8 or S.


Big Blue Bus Community Meeting


Big Blue Bus (BBB) next meeting to be held in Viewpoint Lounge at Ackerman Union on Monday, Oct. 6. (Photo by Big Blue Bus)

UCLA and Santa Monica Big Blue Bus (BBB) are inviting the UCLA community to attend a meeting in Viewpoint Lounge at Ackerman Union on Monday, Oct. 6 (noon-2pm) regarding the proposed changes to take place to the BBB lines in early 2016.

The Expo line extension, which is expected to open early 2016, will have a major impact on public transit on the Westside. As part of this change, BBB is currently evaluating its system, which could result in some significant service changes that will impact the UCLA community.

BBB staff members will be hosting a community meeting at UCLA as an opportunity for students, employees and members of the community to share their feedback and concerns on the proposed changes.

If you cannot attend the meeting, share your thoughts on this BBB survey, which will remain open until Wednesday, Oct. 8. The meeting and survey will be your only chance for your voice to be heard before decisions are made on the upcoming service changes.

Please see BBB for more information regarding the proposed changes.

Meeting Details
Date: Monday, Oct. 6th
Time: Noon to 2 p.m.
Location: Ackerman Union, Viewpoint Conference Room (2nd Floor)

UCLA Fall Quarter Metro passes on sale now



Just in time for the start of fall quarter, UCLA quarterly Metro TAP passes are now on sale. Both renewals and new passes can be processed at the UCLA Central Ticket Office. Fall passes will be valid beginning September 22. These passes are valid through December 21, 2014 for students and December 28, 2014 for employees.

Although Metro is increasing their fares, including base fares and passes, effective September 15, 2014, this increase will not be reflected in the cost of the UCLA-subsidized quarterly Metro TAP passes until winter quarter 2015.